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Carrying out a professional, independent and national selection of the best Slovenian restaurants is a project that has been maturing for quite some time and is now in its second year of running.

Hiša Franko

Hiša Franko


The increasing demand from tourists for reviews of Slovenian restaurants in foreign languages, and the fact that these reviews are a rarity even in Slovene, made us realise that the process of reviewing Slovene restaurants must begin as soon as possible.

Thus, in early autumn 2016 we started the project with the help from some Slovenian enogastronomy, folklore and tourism experts. The winners of 2018 TSRA were announced in March 2018.


Food and wine tourism is becoming the fastest growing sector of the tourism industry, both around the world and in Slovenia.

CUBO Restaurant

CUBO Restaurant

Gostilna na Gradu

Gostilna na Gradu


A collection of the best restaurants in Slovenia can help tourists decide where to go when seeking new culinary horizons. The selection of the best Slovenian restaurants is also meant for the general Slovenian public - how many times do you think about going out for a nice family lunch on Sunday, but have no idea where to go?

This selection truly is made by diners for diners, as we also invited you to cast your vote and give your opinion as the general public, along with a committee of experts and foodies.


Photo: Miha Bratina

Photo: Miha Bratina



Emeritus Professor
Doctor Ethnological Sciences and Professor of Art History

Dr. Bogataj is co-author of the Strategy of Slovenian Gastronomy and culinary author of the pyramids of Slovenia and the individual regions. He has won professional awards both in Slovenia and abroad. Five of his books have received prestigious international awards, such as the Gourmand World Cookbook Award. His Kranjska Sausage Masterpieces from Slovenia (2015) received first place and the award for 'Best of the Best in the World' for books which were published in the preceding twenty years at the International Book Fair in Frankfurt. In Yantaiju, in China, he also won the 2015 “Best Book in the World” award in the category of desserts for Rolls from Slovenia. He is a member of the Institute IGCAT based in Barcelona, ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to the EU project EDEN, as well as holding many other positions.



As an ethnographer and sociologist of culture, Dr. Aleš Gačnik works at the University of Primorska, where the Head of the Department for Cultural Tourism and Cultural Heritage at the Faculty of Tourism Studies, and head of the Centre for Gastronomy and Wine culture, University of. A representative of the University of the UNESCO / UNITWIN Network 'Culture, Tourism, Development' and expert member IGCAT - International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism. As a researcher, developer and professor he primarily works in the areas of heritage and cultural tourism, as well as in the field of wine and culinary culture. He has won several national and international awards.

Helena Cvikl.jpg


Director of the Vocational College for Catering and Tourism Maribor

In addition to the successful education of top experts in the fields of tourism and hospitality, Helena Cvikl is active in many international organizations, linking educational establishments in the tourism and hotel industry, and also involved in various international projects and conferences. In 2002 she became General Secretary EURHODIP (an association of the leading hotel schools, based in Brussels) since 2011, and is now its Vice-President. She was among the first promoters of the European quality label Eurhoqual, and is a member of the European Committee Georges, based in Paris, ALPINE EUHOFA, the World Association of Schools EUHOFA International, a member of the Executive Committee of the Union Tourism Schools AEHT, based in Luxembourg, and the main judge and member of the committee for the preparation of regulations and rules of the European competitions. In 2003 she was awarded the EURHODIP association’s title of Ambassador of Central and Eastern Europe, and in 2007 became an honorary lecturer at the Academy of Tourism in Moscow. At the national level, she is the president and member of numerous professional committees.



Editor-in-Chief of In Your Pocket City Guides and Managing Editor of The Slovenia.

Originally from Seattle, Yuri's lived abroad for more than 16 years, including stops in the UK, South Africa, Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, the Czech Republic and Slovenia. He travels as often as possible for both work and pleasure, visiting some 90 countries thus far, and since 2009 he's been the managing editor of Slovenia's In Your Pocket guides as well as an editor and writer for various THE Slovenia projects, giving him the opportunity to visit virtually every village, valley and vineyard on the sunny side of the Alps.


JB Restaurant

JB Restaurant

CUBO Restaurant

CUBO Restaurant



The expert committee has the professional qualifications and personal experience prepare a comprehensive list of restaurants, which offer high quality food and service and thus a superior culinary experience. Slovenia is divided into four regions; Alpine, Mediterranean & Karst, Thermal Pannonian and Ljubljana and Central Slovenia. Each member has proposed 15 restaurants in each region, with 25 for Ljubljana and Central Slovenia. 

Each member of the expert committee must have visited a restaurant they propose at least once in the last two years. 

Commission members select finalist on the following basis:  

The restaurant must have been open for at least one year. Restaurants that were opened in 2018 will thus become candidates in 2020.

The foods and beverages offered must be marked by diversity, quality of ingredients, presentation of dishes, consistency of flavours, innovation and appropriate coupling of food and drink.

The level of service must be high, such as the greeting of guests, recommending of food and beverages, as well as the knowledge of the staff.

On this basis the experts will form an assessment of "overall satisfaction" when visiting a restaurant.

Voting for The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2019:

Each year, The Slovenia Restaurant Awards undertakes comprehensive 3-tiered process in order to determine the very best restaurants in each of the country's four constituent regions. First, an expert committee regularly meets throughout the year in order to conclusively determine participating restaurants for the following year, which range from 40-60 for each region and some 200 in total. Next, the full lists are voted on by selected members of the Gastronomic Academy, who select up to 10 restaurants from their home region, and up to 10 restaurants total from other regions. And finally, the voting is opened to the general public, who select from short-lists of finalists. Voting is calculated on a weighted basis, meaning that the Gastronomic Academy accounts for 75% of the total, while the general public accounts for the remaining 25%. Professional services consultancy Deloitte is the office independent adjudication partner of The Slovenia Restaurant Awards, and is granted full access to the voting process and data, and performs certain procedures to confirm the integrity and authenticity of the voting process and the resulting list.

Gastronomic Academy

The Gastronomic Academy is comprised Slovenia's top chefs, representatives of all participating restaurants, invited experts in the fields of gastronomy and food culture and members of the following partner associations: Slow Food Primorska, Slow Food Ljubljana, Slow Food Štajerska, Sommelier Master, Chaine des Rotisseurs, Vinski konvent sv. Urbana Ljubljana, Društvo vinskih svetovalcev Sommelier Slovenije, SloVino Sommelier Club, Društvo za razvoj pivske kulture Sommelier Slovenije, Vinski konvent sv. Urbana Portorož and OZS sekcija za gostinstvo in turizem. 

About Deloitte

Founded in 1845, Deloitte has grown to become one of the world’s pre-eminent and most trusted professional services consultancies. As part of its wide-ranging portfolio, Deloitte works with companies in all areas of the licensed retail industry and has considerable experience in proving bespoke adjudication services for a number of internationally recognised awards. It has a dedicated team devoted to the restaurant sector that specialises in a comprehensive range of audit and advisory services, complemented by industry-specific knowledge and the leverage of a network of specialist expertise across the UK, Europe, the US and Asia. In the sector Deloitte works with businesses spanning one-site start-ups through to FTSE-listed groups – and it is proud to be acting as independent adjudicator for The Slovenia Restaurant Awards.

THE Slovenia Restaurants Book


THE Slovenia Restaurants Book - Sponsored by Diners Club: Top 163 Restaurants. The new book and awards that placed Slovenia on the culinary map of the world is now available in shops!

THE Slovenia Restaurants book features the very best in Slovenian dining, chefs and restaurants. Now that THE Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2018 have finished, we can reveal the very best restaurants found all over Slovenia.


After months of preparations, including an experts committee, a two month voting process by Gastronomic Academy and a vote open to the public, the search for the best Slovenian restaurants in 2018 is over, and we are pleased to announce the regional and overall winners. 

The restaurants that received the prestigious title of Regional Winner are Gostilna Krištof (North), Ošterija Debeluh (South), Hiša Denk (East), Hiša Franko (West) and Restavracija Strelec (Ljubljana & Central Slovenia). The finalists for the best regional and overall restaurants in Slovenia cannot be overlooked, as the quality presented by them was outstanding. 

The award for Top 3 Restaurant in Slovenia went to Hiša Franko, with Chef Ana Roš, Gostilna pri Lojzetu, with Chef Tomaž Kavčič and Ošterija Debeluh, with chef Jure Tomič. 



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