THE Slovenia Lakes

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THE Slovenia Lakes


The book is the most profound and unique ode to Slovenia lakes.

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The book is the most profound and unique ode to Slovenia lakes.

An Insider's Guide to the Best Lakes of Slovenia

100 top lakes | Countless lake trip ideas | 1 charming country | 1 passionate lover of lakes | 1 amazing book

Written by Manca Korelc, a Slovenian girl who decided to visit all Slovenian lakes by bike. Inspired by hundreds of lakes all over the country Manca carefully selected 100 lakes, that every Slovenian should visit. By the end of reading the book you will know everything about the Slovenian lakes and will be encouraged to explore them all.

Welcome to Slovenia - a country of lakes

Slovenia is a country of water with almost 30.000 kilometers of water flows. It has more than 300 permanent waterfalls, around 5,800 springs, the hydrological network of streams and rivers is over 26,000 km long. Slovenia has over 1,270 artificial and natural lakes, high and low marshes, lakes, marshes and wetlands. Among them there are about 270 natural lakes with natural freshwater ecosystems and artificial dams (accumulations).

Slovenian Lakes in superlatives

The Slovenia Lakes book will present the biggest natural and artificial lake, the highest artificial lake, the deepest, the highest and the lowest lake in Slovenia. Meet all Slovenian lakes, that come with a superlative.

Slovenian Lakes attractions

The are some special places in Slovenia, called just like the lakes. Meet all the places with the names Jezero, Jezerca and Jezerce.

The book will present you very special lakes of Slovenia - heart shape lakes, the “black” lakes, intermittent lakes, underground lakes and the most interesting tales around lakes. Did you know that Slovenia is a land of dragons?

I invite you to join me on the beautiful journey around lakes of Slovenia and bring all the beauty to your home.

The book will be released in October 2019, preorder it now!

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Managing Editor: Manca Korelc